Destination Wedding Photography – Some Dos, and Don’ts

First of all let us know what is “destination wedding photography”? A destination wedding is special way of getting married and that too on your honeymoon. Instead of getting married in a church or somewhere nearby the couple chooses to go to an exotic location or somewhere distant that may hold meaning for one or both of them. Despite the location of the wedding being somewhere unusual, there are a few things that do not change. The married couple still needs a cake, a first dance, and some wedding photographs to remember their special day months or decades down the road. Your wedding photographs can become treasured objects of art or okay pictures that your friend took of you. When you get destination wedding photography done there are things you do and things you don’t do.

There are great things that photography can capture from your destination wedding. Some of the “to dos” of destination wedding photography are discussed here. First and foremost you need to hire a professional photographer. If you do not get someone that has done this before, then things may get messy. One, you are going to get pictures that will not be the best quality possible. Yes good photographers are expensive, but wedding photographs will last you forever so you don’t want to get someone who is still learning or has just picked up the trade. Another good thing to keep in mind when you are getting your wedding photographs done is that destination wedding are fun and exciting. You feel like you are on a vacation, and you should want your wedding photographs to reflect the joy of the day and the happiness you feel with the location.

Another thing to remember is that you have to allow time for the formal portraits with just you and your partner. Another good thing to get pictures of is the pre-wedding activities such as the cocktail hour, a welcome party, and the rehearsal dinners. A key to successful destination wedding photography is planning. You need to have your photo shoots planned and not done as spur of the moment things. You need to plan a pre- and a post-wedding photo shoots and make sufficient time for both. Lastly, you want to find a photographer that you have certain chemistry with. They will be around you and recording you, your partner, and your families on one of the most important days of your life. You want to find a photographer that can blend into the background, and one that can take natural photographs without making anyone feel uncomfortable or staged.

So many things can go wrong with destination wedding photography. The photographer can have broken or missing equipment that cannot be easily replaced at your location. In order to keep yourself or anyone else from scrambling around, you need to keep a few things in mind. One, that you are getting married and on vacation at the same time. It is okay to be excited it makes for great photos, so be relaxed. The most important thing to remember is to just be yourself and do not pay attention to the photographer.

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