When You Consider a Destination Wedding

Think of the day when you say “I do”. You’d like it to be memorable, right? Now, compare a wedding at home, in a downtown venue or in a distant location which you find to be very exciting and special. For most people, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. And since this is a rare occasion, there are some who consider making it unique. Every detail should be special, from the food, the wine and down to the reception. But If you really want yours to be memorable, have a destination wedding. And get a destination wedding specialist to prepare the event for you.

Destination weddings are going to take a lot of preparation, indeed, and if you want to be just beautiful and stress- free on your big day, get the right person to make it day just perfect. Destination wedding planners will have a list of great destinations and can suggest some to you or they can have you look and scan the list yourself.

These days, there are many destination event planners who can help you prepare a fabulous and unique wedding. For most people, the planner decides for them on everything – the location for the wedding, the guest list, the wedding souvenirs, etc. But sometimes, leaving all matters to one person is not good. The couple may feel awkward the moment they notice they’re not getting the exact wedding they were planning to have. This is why it’s necessary for one to coordinate closely with the destination wedding planner. You do need to be close by and them the specific details of the wedding you want as you go along the preparation process.

For example, one very important consideration for a destination wedding is, of course, the location. Do you think all your guests can come? Will the people be there on time? Will the invited guests be willing to skip a day or two at work to attend your destination wedding? Your wedding becomes more special when you have the important people in your life attending it.

Furthermore, consider the time and budget. Can you afford the venue for your wedding? Can your budget accommodate your guests and their needs? Remember, it’s not easy to house a lot of people and if your chosen destination for wedding is out of the country, you have to really take the time to check on everyone’s passports and visas. Although your destination wedding planner may have experience in organizing this type of event, you will still be paying.

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5 Points to Consider When Choosing a Destination Wedding Location

Have you ever considered having your dream wedding in the Dominican Republic? There are many important points to consider when planning your dream destination wedding, and in this article we will discuss the points of most importance to our valued clients.

1. Destination Wedding Location: Many people believe that price is the most important point to consider when planning your dream destination wedding. While price is important to most of us, picking a location that is close to the majority of your friends and family is also important. Let’s say for example that you and your immediate family are from the east coast of the United States, possibly New York or New Jersey. If you pick a location such as Hawaii or even further, somewhere in Asia you are asking your dearest family and friends to travel a long way. This may have an impact on the loved ones who can afford the extra time to attend your beautiful wedding in paradise. The same goes for beautiful couples living on the west coast. A trip to Hawaii, Mexico or the Dominican Republic may be acceptable whereas a destination such as Fiji or Thailand may not be.

2. Price: For most of us, price is a very important factor in picking your perfect destination wedding location. A wedding in Hawaii may be the equivalent in price to a wedding in New York where as a wedding in Thailand or the Dominican Republic may be 1/4 to 1/10th of the cost. Please keep in mind that many of your friends and family have different budgets, and selecting a location with varying types of accommodations may be important to ensure your guests can afford to attend.

3. Weather: If you are planning a destination wedding for your special day it is important to consider the weather. Rain is the first important point when discussing the weather at your dream wedding location. Weddings in the Dominican Republic for example are best planned from Jan 21st to Dec 1st. There are a few weeks from Dec 1st to Jan 20th here where it can rain every day for weeks. Yet if you pick a date outside of these dates you are most likely going to have spectacular weather for most, if not all of your stay.

Sun tans and sun burns usually go hand-in-hand when considering a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic or at any other beach location. You would prefer to have yourself, and your fiance looking tanned, but not burnt. Same goes for all of the beautiful people in your wedding party. You probably want your wedding photos to highlight your friends and family looking natural and healthy as opposed to some resemblance of a lobster. Get to your wedding destination at least four or five days in advance, take in some sun each day, but do not over-do it.

4. Activities: You and your fiance probably have many similar interests, and you want to have an amazing time during your destination wedding. You probably also want Uncle Larry and Auntie Diane to have a great time however their interests may be substantially different than yours, or those of your family and friends. Choosing a destination wedding location which offers a wide assortment of activities and day trips may be important to your loved ones attending your special day. You may want to consider a wedding location offering a combination of land activities (golf, hiking or sightseeing) and water sports (like kite boarding, surfing and scuba diving) to ensure all of your friends and family enjoy their time together.

5. Competency: Believe it or not finding competent companies to work with in many developing countries may be quite a challenge. From subtle cultural differences to general work ethic differences, it is important to plan your destination wedding with a competent team. Whether you choose an all-inclusive style venue, or a private villa keep in mind that you are in a different country and everything works a little differently. If possible try and work with companies who have representatives from your culture and trust your gut-feeling. If something feels wrong address it immediately. If you are fortunate and find a competent destination wedding company to plan your special day with, relax and enjoy your time together.

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